What is the TWIST?
TWIST stands for ‘Tunbridge Wells Individual and School Team’. A full TWIST will feature team fencing and individual fencing in the afternoon, but sometimes we run just a team or an individual competition. Please note that TWISTS are epee-only. Generally, we’ll run three TWISTS per year. Often, males and females compete in separate categories, but we’re happy to mix it up as and when school team formation and entry numbers demand it. The top three teams and four individual fencers in each category win a medal (whoop!).

Why is the TWIST?
The TWIST was created to provide a ‘first step’ external competition for fencers at RTWFC and the schools that coach Paul Beasley teaches at. We aim to organise events which are fun, friendly and encouraging, and yet provide the challenge of competing against fencers you don’t know.

Where is the TWIST?
The TWIST takes place at the home of RTWFC – the Army Reserve Centre (ARC) on St John’s Road, Tunbridge Wells. There’s no specific post code, but TN4 9UU will get you close. On Googlemaps, search for ‘579 Field Squadron’. Please note that it is not permitted to park at the ARC, so park locally and we’ll let you in via the pedestrian gate.

Sounds good. When is the next TWIST?
Sarurday 25th February 2023. Here’s the timing – be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before your start time:

Under 14, 16 & 19 (age taken as of 1st January this year) individual: 9am-1230pm.

Under 10 & 12 individual, and Under 14 team: 1-430pm.

How much does it cost?
The entry fee is £12 per category per person – for example, £12 for a team category event and £12 for an individual category event.

How can I enter?
Please email your name, age, and BFA membership type and number to, and pay the fee (see below) to the club Lloyds account 30-90-90 37277468.

BFA membership… err, what’s that?
In order to participate in most competitions in Britain (and, indeed, to be insured to train at fencing clubs – with the odd exception of a school that has its own sports insurance which covers fencing), fencers need to be members of the British Fencing Association (BFA) – which is the national governing body for the sport. Whilst a free BFA ‘Introductory’ membership covers newbie fencers in their first 90 days of training, fencers who participate in recreational events such as the TWIST require at least a BFA ‘Starter’ membership (and those who compete at local, regional or national competitions will need a ‘Compete’ membership). A ‘Starter’ membership costs £13 per annum for the under 13s.

So how do I obtain a Starter membership?
Information can be found here:
At the foot of the ‘Starter’ membership page you’ll find a ‘Join Now’ button, which takes you to the BF Sport 80 page. Once you’ve created an account, you then fill in various fields of information about the fencer. The only questions that baffle are national body (it’s England Fencing), region (South East) and club (you’ll find Royal Tunbridge Wells Fencing Club under T for ‘The’ in the menu).

OK, so that’s all sorted… but what should I wear compete in the TWIST?
Wear sports shoes and either long sports socks or skins or some other sporty garment that fully covers the lower leg.

Can I drive to the venue?
Unfortunately, parking is no longer available on site, so please park locally. There is a pedestrian gate, so one of the team will let you in (that is, we won’t tell you the security code). The competition will take place in the building to the right as you enter the site – the door is at the front (facing the road).

Is there space for my entourage to watch my inevitable victory?
Parents, family and friends are welcome to stay and watch the action – chairs will be placed round the edge of the hall for your fan club to set-up a base.

Is there somewhere to buy food and drinks on site?
Sadly not. There is no food and nothing but tap water available on site, but there’s a cafe in the sports centre next door – and a Tesco Express and a Costa 10 minutes away on foot. For fencers, a packed lunch and plenty of snacks and drinks are essential.