Junior Beginners’ course

Whether you’re quick of limb or fast of thought, learning to fence will stimulate your brainbox in fiendishly fun ways. Of the three swords used in the modern sport of fencing, the epee is a brilliant weapon to start with as there are no tricky rules and no limit to the target area – so, ultimately, you’ll be able to hit your opponent almost anywhere you like!

Each session consists of a general warm-up, footwork, technical exercises and sword fights! All equipment is provided, just wear tracksuit bottoms and trainers – and bring a drink.

If you’re not sure if you want to commit to the whole course before even trying the sport, that’s no problem: just pay for first ‘taster’ session then see how you feel. The cost per session is £10.

Our new Junior beginners courses will start on Sunday 9th January and finish on 27th March (excl. 13th and 20th February). The U10 beginners/intermediates class will take place from 930-1030am in the sports hall and the U14 beginners/intermediates class will take place from 130-230pm in the studio.

There are 10 classes in the spring term at £10 each – hence the term costs £100.
Termly fees are paid upfront. However, we do offer taster sessions for newcomers – these cost £10 for a one-hour class; if your child decides to continue, you then pay the remainder of the term’s fees into the RTWFC account: 30-90-90 37277468
To enquire about the next courses, please email: rtwfencingclub@gmail.com