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For more information about RTWFC, including our Sunday 'fencing on the box' session, please click below.

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Prof. Steve Paul – Epee Fencing

Prof. Steve Paul is our Head Coach, to find out more about his book, Epee Fencing, please click below

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Classes & Courses

We run Classes on Sunday mornings and Monday and Thursday evenings. Please click below for more details.

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New Beginners' Courses - for details please see our Courses page

Kent Competitions

Kent Mixed Team Epee 2016 – RTWFC 4th, 7th and 8th

Kent Mixed Team Epee

Kent Mixed Team Epee

Kent U16 Championships 2016


Amelia Dudley Kent U16 Epee and Foil Champion

Amelia Dudley Kent U16 Epee and Foil Champion

Guy Ashcroft-Lury Kent U16 Epee Champion

Competitions and Club results

December Competitions

3rd Leon Paul Men's Open. Enter hereResults

4th British Men's Team Championships. Enter hereResults

10th/11th Oxfam Open. Enter here. Results

11th Kent Senior Mixed Epee Team Championships. Enter here

22nd Leon Paul Under 15 Open. Enter here. Results

November Competitions

19th Leon Paul Woman's Open. Enter here. Results

19th Elite Epee Junior Series Event 3. Enter here. Results

20th Elite Epee Men's Event 3. Enter here. Results

26th Brixton Team Epee. Enter here

27th LPJS Packwood. Enter here. Results

27th Leon Paul Woman's Team Epee. Enter here. Results

Millfield LPJS - Piero 3rd

Millfield LPJS - Piero 3rd


Welsh Open
19 James Russell

Cocks Moors Woods Epee
Under 13 Boys
14 Piero Steiner

Under 15 Boys
9 Harry Couchman

Senior Men
24 Roberto Steiner
25 Harry Couchman

LPJS - Millfield
U13 Boys
3 Piero Steiner

U15 Boys
5 Harry Couchman

Competitions and Club results

October Competitions

1st/2nd London International Open. Enter here. Results
8th LPJS Plymouth. Enter here. Results
9th Bedfordshire Open. Enter here. Resluts
15th U17 Leon Paul Boy’s Cadet - LP Centre. Enter here. Results
15th LPJS Manchester. Enter here. Results
16th U17 Leon Paul Girl’s Cadet – LP Centre. Enter here. Results
29th Elite Epee Junior Series - Ashtead. Enter here. Results
30th Elite Epee Men’s Series 2. Enter here. Results

BRC U17 Canterbury, Sun 25th September – results

Girls (54)
10 Amelia Dudley

Boys (67)
41 Harry Couchman
58 Piero Steiner


MILLER HALLETT & MILNER BARRY 1st & 2nd October – results

14 James Russell
20 Maxton Milner

30 Amelia Dudley



Details of upcoming competitions can be found here

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James Taylor v Tom Cadman fleche



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