The TWIST returns!

On a chilly December day, the TWIST made a triumphant return as pupils from Brambletye, Brighton College Prep, St Andrew’s Prep and the ‘Daventry Five’ engaged in combat with RTWFC pupils.

The TWIST stands for ‘Tunbridge Wells Individual & School Team’ and is intended as a first or second external competition so that young fencers taking a first step away from their regular classes can enjoy the fun of fencing new people in a medal-rich environment. And so it proved as a total of 40 fencers competed in U10, U12, U14 Mixed, and U10 and U12/14 Girls individual events, then 6 teams battled it out for the U14 Mixed and U12 Boys team titles.

Although the more numerous home team did top the medal table, all the visiting teams did win medals – and the ‘Daventry Five’ and Brambletye both made several visits to the podium. Most importantly, matches were fenced in a good spirit, every fencer improved throughout the day and a good time was had by everyone.

Many thanks to all the fencers and parents who attended the TWIST and made it an enjoyable occasion, and also to Rob Parsons, Don Coe, William Briggs and James Fleming-Fido for all of their set-up and reffing excellence throughout the day. RTWFC salutes you all!

U10 Mixed

1.Lorenzo Rehman (RTWFC)
2.Odin Cheung (RTWFC) 3.Aimee Bruce (Brambletye) 3.George Stenhouse (Brambletye) 5.Gabriel Kempston (RTWFC) 6.Willa Raymond (RTWFC) 7.Toby Bull (RTWFC) 8.Freddy da Silva (Brambletye) 9.Timofey Yakovlev (RTWFC) 10.Leo Li (Brambletye) 11.Adam Horan (RTWFC) 12.Eoghan Horan (RTWFC)

’B’ Competition (for fencers knocked out in first round of U10 Mixed event): 1.Leo Li (Brambletye) 2.Timofey Yakovlev (RTWFC) 3.Adam Horan (RTWFC) 4.Eoghan Horan (RTWFC)

U10 Girls

1.Aimee Bruce (Brambletye) 2.Willa Raymond (RTWFC)

U12 Mixed

1.James Dunmall (RTWFC) 2.Elsa Brondbjerg (RTWFC) 3.Dean Gigg (RTWFC) 3.Leo Symons (Daventry) 5.Max Kitkat (RTWFC) 6.Daniel James (Daventry) 7.Alex Pelluet (Brighton College Prep) 8.Kacey Au (Brighton College Prep) 9.Rudi Madams (RTWFC) 10.Carter West (Brambletye) 11.Jacoby Womersley-Smith (Brambletye) 12.Thomas Moody (Brambletye) 13.Teo Bailey (St Andrew’s Prep) 14.Anjali Pal (St Andrew’s Prep) 15.Arthur Li (Brambletye) 16.Felix Biddle-Guerrier (Brambletye)

U14 Mixed

1.Zach Bench (RTWFC) 2.Nate Tilt (Daventry) 3.Joseph Wooldridge (Daventry) 3.Aubrey Castleton-Elliot (RTWFC) 5.Harry Gigg (RTWFC) 6.Alfred John (Brighton College Prep) 7.Alec Hargreaves (RTWFC) 8.Bella Hartshorn (Daventry) 9.Poppy Skinner (Brambletye)

U14/12 Girls

1.Bella Hartshorn (Daventry) 2.Elsa Brondbjerg (RTWFC) 3.Poppy Skinner (Brambletye) 3.Anjali Pal (St Andrew’s Prep)

U12 Team

1.RTWFC 1 (James Dunmall, Henry Dickens, Theo Nichols) 2.RTWFC A (Dean Gigg, Max Kitkat, Reuben Nichols) 3.Daventry+ (Leo Symons, Daniel James, Felix Biddle-Guerrier) 3.Brighton College Prep (Alfred John, Alex Pelluet, Kacey Au)

U14 Team

1.RTWFC (Zach Bench, Aubrey Castleton-Elliot, Harry Gigg, Alec Hargreaves) 2.Daventry (Nate Tilt, Joseph Wooldridge, Bella Hartshorn)