The RTWFC calendar features a number of regular competitions for fencers of (almost) all ages and all abilities

RTWFC runs tiered electric junior competitions during its popular Sunday club session. Three times a term, fencers in each of the three electric ‘tiers’ fence the other members of their tier to five points. A running ranking list is posted on the club’s notice board and Facebook page after each round. The top three fencers at the end of the term in each tier will receive prizes.

Besides the tiered competitions, RTWFC also runs age-grouped competitions once-a-term on Saturdays, at which club members fence participants from local schools. These competitions, known as TWISTs, feature team fencing in the morning and individual fencing in the afternoon. The TWISTs are devised as friendly and fun first or second competitions outside of a typical club or school fencing session, but without the pressure of an ‘open’ competition. They are suitable for novices (less than two years of fencing) and intermediates (fencers who haven’t won a medal at an open or been ranked inside the top 50 for their weapon nationally – most of us, in other words). For TWIST FAQs, click here.

In the autumn, RTWFC welcomes fencers from local clubs – along with the odd overseas invader – to its popular invitational team competition. Teams of three (+1 sub) compete in 5-7 rounds of bouts to determine who finishes on top of the podium. This year (2019), the winners will take away the Steven Paul Cup, which is being awarded to honour the memory of our long-term Head Coach and all-round superstar who passed away in April.

Additionally, once a year we hold our Club Championships, which is also age-grouped and is generally open to those 10 and over (although we do make exceptions for experienced fencers of 9 years old).


These club events are great preparation for external competitions. For younger fencers, there are several county, regional and national-level competitions which take place within striking distance of Tunbridge Wells. For example, there are under 16 and 18 county epee championships in Kent, age-group regional- and national-level competitions such as the Elite Epee (two are held in Surrey every season) and the British Youth Championship qualifiers. Furthermore, there are British Cadet (14–17 years old) and Junior (17–20 years old) events in the London area. Please ask the club coaches which of these are an appropriate level for you.


Details of upcoming competitions can be found by visiting the following pages:

National Level:

Country Level:

South East Region:

Older fencers:

Younger fencers: and

For local county websites with Events (competitions) calendars, please also see: (Surrey includes most of South West London for this) (Kent includes most of South East London for this)

There are also event, club and special interest websites, many linked from the above.