Directions & Access

Before coming to the club you MUST read the access instructions (below).

The club is based at the Army Reserve Centre on St John’s Road. It is pinned on the Google map image above as the ‘579 Field Squadron’. There is no accurate post code – but TN4 9UU gets you close.

We are not allowed to park on site or give out the gate codes, so please park locally and we’ll let you in through the pedestrian gate. The fencing hall is in the building to the right as you enter the site – access is via the door at the front (facing the road).

Access instructions
The following procedures MUST be followed by all fencers and family members on drop off and pick up:

– Members (and parents/guardians) must wait at the gate for a member of the committee or coach to open the gate. 

– The gate will be manned for 5 minutes before a session commences and 5 minutes after a session has ended. Please arrive and leave the premises at your allocated session time.  

– If you turn up late for your session, you will need to call Paul (07786000488) or William (07928 518429) to ask for access. Please bear in mind that he will be coaching at this time and there may be a wait before they can come to collect you.

– Parents/guardians will drop off their child at the gate and will not be allowed to enter the premises at drop off unless they intend to come in to watch the whole session. 

– Access to the ARC is via pedestrian access only and not via vehicle access. It is not acceptable to walk in via the traffic gate, even if this is opening or closing at an opportune moment.

– Members or family members waiting for their session MUST NOT enter the premises without a member of the committee or coach coming to collect them. If someone is entering or exiting the premises not associated with the club, members should continue to wait at the gate and NOT enter.

– The code must NOT be shared to the club members, parents or other family members and under no circumstance should anyone ask coaches to share this code with them nor should anyone ask other members of the Army Reserve (such as the cadets) to provide them with the code. 

– Any breach of these rules will result in members being suspended from the club. Anyone caught climbing the gate/fence will be immediately excluded from the club. If you are entering the site in this way you are breaking into and trespassing on MoD property – so they may prosecute you on this basis.