About Us


Fencing takes place, for Adults, Teens and Juniors, on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays in the Territorial Army Centre, St John’s Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN4 9UU. Please note that there is a security to code to enter the centre, and if you are visiting us for the first time please do email or call in advance, and we will make sure someone is there to meet you.

Please see our Classes page for more details

Who's Who

about us 1Jerry Raj - President

Jerry moved to Tunbridge Wells in 2002 and came with a desire to encourage quality epee fencing in the local area. Jerry, Lucy and his friend Steven Paul hatched a plan to start an epee club in Tunbridge Wells. Jerry is still active on the competitive fencing scene but claims that he peaked in 1983. Jerry is the 2007/08 National Veteran’s association Men’s Epee champion (category 1).



about us 2

Lucy Raj - Club Secretary

Lucy Raj, mum of three, is the driving force behind the club, she collects the funds, arranges classes and generally ensures the smooth running of RTWFC.
Recently Lucy has been involved in bringing wheelchair fencing to RTWFC.
When not sorting through the endless admin, Lucy teaches pilates in Tunbridge Wells



about us 3

Steve Paul - Coach
Professor Steven Paul is a three times Olympian, three times National Champion and three times Australian Champion – a fencing legend! We are lucky to have been able to attract him to the RTWFC as our head coach, and we appreciate his exacting standards (although no-one seems to have told him we’re not all Olympians!)



Fencing on the box

Numbers are growing for our 'fencing on the box' session on Sundays from 11.30 - 1pm. As well as fencers from the morning session we have other members and non-members coming for a good old Sunday bash!
The competitions now known as the ABC (Alcohol Beverage Competition) will run every other Sunday starting on the 20th September 2015. The Club will donate a bottle of wine or spirits and the assembled fencers will fight off for the prize. Referees and stopwatches will be provided and results will be kept on the club's official score board. A non-alcoholic bottle will also be donated for any under 18's that may win the ABC. Why not come and join us?