TWIST Event 1 2020 – Results

On Sunday 2nd February, eight RTWFC fencers met the challege of 11 friendly fencers from New Ash Green Fencing Club, four fine fellows from Brighton College and three amigos from Our Lady of Sion for an afternoon of individual epee competition in two age-groups (U19 and U15).

Following one round of poules, where males and females and both age groups were rolled into one big qualifying quagmire, the competition was then split into the two age groups for the drama of direct elimination. Whilst the top few seeds made serene progress, the middle seeds faced a stern test from below – a test that proved too tense for many of them.

The results of an afternoon of good-natured combat are below. Well done one and all – and many thanks in particular for Taran Nicholls and the New Ash Green gang for supporting the TWIST so numerously and fencing so sportingly!

Mixed U19
1. Matthew Kohler (New Ash Green)  2. Jasper Yip (Brighton College)  3. Daniel McHale (Our Lady of Sion)  3. Finnbar McHale (OLS)  5. Ethan Hurip (BC)  6. Luca Masoliver (NAG)  7. Ben Wilson (NAG)  8. Matthew Bentham (RTW)  9. Will Mitchell (NAG)  10. Oliver Manners (OLS)  11. John Ben Evans (NAG)  12. Jacob Earl (RTW)  13. Bodie Patching (RTW)  14. Theo Hughes-Wilson (NAG)  15. Anastasia Khlemanova (RTW)

Female U19
1. Anastasia Khlemanova (RTW)  2. Dalma Rajan (RTW)

Mixed U15
1. Georgy Faires (RTW)  2. Freddie Higginson (RTW)  3.Oliver Barlow (NAG)  3. Max Stanbury (NAG)  5. John Prineas (NAG)  6. Theo Da Costa (BC)  7. Dalma Rajan (RTW)  8. Thomas Ives (RTW)  9. Rushil Shukla (NAG)  10. Sam Prior (BC)  11. Tom Harris (NAG)