TWIST Spring 2023 results

A total of 56 fencers from three schools and RTWFC participated in the first TWIST competition of the year, and all fenced in a friendly spirit whilst battling hard for every single point. The full results are below.

U10 Mixed (pictured)

1.Timofey Yakovlev (RTWFC)

2.Odin Cheung (RTWFC)

3.Willa Raymond (RTWFC)

3.Amie Bruce (Brambletye)

5.Freddy da Silva (Brambletye)

U10 Girls

1.Willa Raymond (RTWFC)

2.Amie Bruce (Brambletye)

U12 Boys

1.Dean Gigg (RTWFC)

2.Roy Ching (Brambletye)

3.James Dunmall (RTWFC)

3.Miles Yiu (RTWFC)

5.Andrew Watt (Brighton College Prep)

6.George Stenhouse (Brambletye)

7.Carter West (Brambletye)

8.Gabriel Kempston (RTWFC)

9.Teo Bailey (St Andrews Prep)

10.Dan Lupa (Brighton College Prep)

11.Edward Tarrant (Brighton College Prep)

12.Carter Robinson (Brighton College Prep)

U14 Mixed

1.James Dunmall (RTWFC)

2.Dean Gigg (RTWFC)

3.Alec Hargreaves (RTWFC)

3.Rudi Madams (RTWFC)

5.Harry Gigg (RTWFC)

6.Elsa Brondbjerg (RTWFC)

7.Alfred John (Brighton College Prep)

8.Jack Knight (RTWFC)

9.Gabriel Lam (RTWFC)

10.Max Kitkat (RTWFC)

11.George Downey (RTWFC)

12.Alex Ashkinin (Brighton College Prep)

13.Taryn Peyton (Brighton College Prep)

14.Thomas Lavin (RTWFC)

15.Matthew Murray (St Andrew’s Prep)

16.Alex Pelluet (Brighton College Prep)

17.Kacey Au (Brighton College Prep)

U14 Girls

1.Elsa Brondbjerg (RTWFC)

2.Taryn Peyton (Brighton College Prep)

U14 Team

1.Harry Gigg, Laurie Briggs

2.Gabriel Lam, Alec Hargreaves, Max Kitkat

U16 Boys

1.Zach Bench (RTWFC)

2.Sai Maadhav Jayachandra Babu (RTWFC)

3.Aubrey Cassleton Elliott (RTWFC)

U16 Girls

1.Hiba Rochdi (RTWFC)

2.Andrea Ross (RTWFC)

3.Katy Bentham (RTWFC)

3Annabelle Lavin (RTWFC)

5.Daisy Beadsworth (RTWFC)

6.Karlie Yim (Brighton College)

U19 Boys

1.Benedict Graham (RTWFC)

2.Matthew Gathern (RTWFC)

3.William Briggs (RTWFC)

3.Leon Croxford (Brighton College)

5.Callum Hickman (Brighton College)

6.Bryan Chan (Brighton College)

7.Cosmo Calesini (Brighton College)

U19 Girls

1.Victoria Piong (Brighton College)

2.Joanna Szarowicz (RTWFC)

3.Sarah Gu (Brighton College)

3.Phoebe Duckworth (RTWFC)

5.Sasha Cook (RTWFC)

6.Eugenie Ho (Brighton College)

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